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We've come to the internet to make it easier for you to find something to do for the evening.  We are hoping this site will help persuade you to come see us.  Even if you decide on something else we hope you enjoy yourself and have a safe and happy time.   Just remember that we care and we hope to become your favorite restaurant.


From this web site you will be able to get general information about us, find out different ways to contact us, leave messages for the servers or cooks or even the owners. Go to the General Information page to play some games. You can also go to the Contact Us page to chat with others visiting our site.   We also have a menu on board so if you've never stopped by you can see all we have to offer.  We hope you enjoy your visit online and in person.                        Hope to see you soon..........


 PE00078A.gif (1449 bytes)  We are a new site and continuing to improve. Come back often as new                       features will be added in time.